Imagine sprinkles for a second. You know, those delicious itty-bitty toppings with which you feverishly cover your coveted ice cream scoop of Freckled Woodblock Chocolate from Salt & Straw with. Now try to ignore the fact that you waited more than 15 minutes in line for the ice cream and think about the sprinkles again. Imagine they had their own soundtrack every time you poured them on top of your dessert. That's kind of what Portland's new electronic-pop duo, Snowy Plover, sounds like—sort of.

The newly-minted band, a collaborative effort between The Ocean Floor’s Daphne Faison and Lane Barrington, is just warming up. “Frozen Dessert Adventure,” from its upcoming debut EP, features Faison’s sweet vocals (no pun intended) backed by a barrage of spacey keyboards and a sparse, electronic beat. The short tale of a tune—it clocks in under the three-minute mark—features lyrics owing to backyard adventures, wild animals and the quest for an after-dinner delight. The upbeat song never veers far from where it begins, aside from the brief breakdown toward the end, but offers an intriguing glimpse of what we might expect from Barrington’s new musical direction. And boy is it happy.

SEE IT: Snowy Plover plays Kelly’s Olympian, 426 SW Washington St., with Fang Moon and Ethereal and the Queer Show, on Saturday March, 23. 9 pm. Free. 21+.