Trail Blazers television commentator Mike Rice says the darndest things during game broadcasts. His son, Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, Jr., screamed anti-gay slurs at his players during practice.

So, as of today, the younger Rice is no longer Rutgers' basketball coach.

The New Jersey university fired Rice this morning after ESPN aired videos showing the coach hurling basketballs and expletive-laden invective at players. State officials all the way up to Gov. Chris Christie called for Rice's ouster. Rice had just finished his third season at Rutgers.

School officials have admitted they knew about the videos in November, when they suspended Rice for three games and docked him $75,000 in pay, but this week ESPN's show Outside the Lines revealed the coach's actions—including telling players "you're a fucking fairy… you're a fucking faggot."   

Read ESPN's full story here. The video, which obviously contains offensive language, is below.