Chael Sonnen, a former University of Oregon wrestler and one-time GOP legislative candidate is well-known as a mixed martial arts fighter but even better known as a talker.

Deadspin's got a pretty interesting take on Sonnen's career as he heads for a likely spanking tonight at UFC 159 in Newark at the hands of Jon "Bones" Jones, the top fighter in the MMA octagon.

Here's how the story starts:

Chael Sonnen is a well-known asshole, less a person than the remnant of a

figure crossed out of a bad novel's first draft for being too obviously

representative. At 36, he's a convicted money launderer,

state-chastised steroid user, failed Republican candidate for the Oregon

House of Representatives, and shouting-head sports pundit; only

involvement in a low-grade religious scam could make him a truer

embodiment of American decline.