While it'd be a bit of a stretch to call them a supergroup, the whole of London-based dance outfit the New Build is the sum of some pretty impressive parts. Centered around LCD Soundsystem guitarist Al Doyle and Hot Chip bassist Felix Martin, the group brought quite a pedigree into last year's debut, Yesterday Was Lived and Lost, and the fact that it managed to meet expectations—producing a set of funky, uptempo tunes referencing synth-pop, disco and, yes, both of the principle members' associated projects—while managing to exist outside the shadow of the players' resumes  is no small feat. 

Something tells me they're great live, too.

Want to check the New Build out tonight at Doug Fir? We've got a pair of tickets waiting for you. Just send an email to msinger@wweek.com with THE NEW BUILD in the subject line, and we'll choose a winner this afternoon. The contest closes at 5 pm.

Meanwhile, take a listen to the New Build's new wave-y new single, "False Thing," here. Good luck!