Alright, I've had enough. I'm done trying to figure out how many people are in Typhoon. Let's just say it's somewhere around 10 or a few members shy of Sweden's flagship 28-piece band I'm From Barcelona. Regardless, the orchestral rock band is up to big things here in Stumptown. Big, grandiose things involving hotter-than-hell Texan festivals and new, butterfly-endowed records.

Typhoon will be releasing its third full-length, White Lighter, on August 20 via Roll Call Records. The first single off the forthcoming full-length, "Common Sentiments," was a sprightly wall of sound, loaded with riveting, free-for-all choruses, lush arrangements and epic crescendos that would make old and new Typhoon (Typhans?) alike swoon. Likewise, so will the second single, "Dreams of Cannibalism."

The opening seconds sound like an orchestra tuning up, but that sense of practice is immediately left behind as frontman Kyle Morton chimes in amid the quick builds of the piano and drums. "Unhand me, I am not a criminal," Morton says, speaking more than singing, "but I've played a guilty part." The rest of the three minutes builds upon that captured sense of continual apprehension, albeit littered with light acoustic guitar, billowing horns and patchy drums reflecting the pop-rock ensemble's rise from house shows to headliners.

"It's easy for one to go through life feeling like they're constantly being accused or indicted for a crime they're unaware of," said Morton in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, "and ["Dreams of Cannibalism"] to me is that feeling."

Oh, and I'm settling on 12 members for the time being. I feel like that's a safe bet.