Mayor Charlie Hales keeps showing up to neighborhood messes with a shovel.

First he went after big apartments without parking spaces, then tried to set curfews for loud bar patios.

The mayor's latest target for increased quality control? It's Last Thursday, the 15-block Alberta Street bohemian free-for-all that never even had to apply for a city permit until last year.

When the festival returns on May 30, Hales' office says the permit issued to Friends of Last Thursday will come with lots of new requirements. 

"It is difficult to organize an event that already exists," Hales spokesman Dana Haynes says. "But we have faith that they can."

These include 15 certified security guards, two port-a-potties every other block, all musicians complying with city noise ordinances, and a shutdown promptly at 10 pm. (The festival will need separate permits from the Portland Fire Marshall if it wants any fire performers, the deal notes.)

Hales will see if that plan works to soothe irritated neighbors, and adjust it for June. But he risks alienating the artists who give the fest its zest. 

"This is what makes Portland Portland,”  Sammy Eath, an 18-year-old artist, told WW in 2011. “If you start regulating and charging people, it will be Seattle."

Here's the full list of the mayor's requirements for Friends of Last Thursday to get their May 30 permit.

•    FoLT must assign a minimum of 2 ambassadors per 2 blocks for communication with security and monitoring the event.•    FoLT must provide at least two portable restrooms every other block.•    FoLT must ensure that a minimum 18’ street width is maintained on Alberta Street.•    FoLT must help ensure that a minimum 14’ street width is maintained on side streets (no double parking allowed).•    FoLT must help ensure that there is no consumption of alcohol outside of designated areas. •    FoLT is responsible for managing musicians and keeping them in compliance with the City Noise Ordinance, as is required of organizers for each neighborhood street fair.•    FoLT must help clear the street promptly at 10 pm.•    The Street Closure permit does not authorize the use of fire in the closed street area. However, if the event organizer allows Performance Art/ Fire Effects, a permit from the Fire Marshal’s Office must be obtained in advance.•    FoLT must help ensure that intersections remain free from obstructions (including vending carts, vehicles or moveable barricades) for 10’ from the adjoining street/avenue curb line.•    FoLT must help ensure that use of propane is under the benefit of permit through the Fire Marshall’s Office (FMO), including cooking and heating devices.•    FoLT must help ensure that street parking shall be no farther than 1’ from the curb in an area that allows parking, and no closer than 10’ to any hydrant.•    FoLT must help ensure that Hydrants and Fire Department Connections (FDCs) shall be free of any obstructions in a 3’ radius, or 6’ diameter, and have clear access to the street.•    FoLT must help ensure that all exits in any business open to the public shall be maintained clear of all obstacles.