I used to have a girlfriend who would swoon over every adorable canine in a vest she would see at the local farmers market. I once mentioned I didn't find it cute, that I actually found it borderline sad. She told me the dogs would freeze to death without it. I told her it was 70 degrees out. We no longer date.

Lemon, the smug mutt in the jet-black leather vest gracing the cover of Summer Cannibals’ debut LP, No Makeupis not the corgi struttin’ his stuff in a summer vest at the market in late July. Not only did the Portland four-piece design the cover art, but they also self-produced the album, and plan on releasing it through its very own record label, New Moss Records later this summer. Talk about some DIY Portland mentality.

“Wear Me Out," No Makeup’s lead single, is a whopping piece of garage-pop. It opens with a driving, distorted guitar atop a simple percussive backbone before opening up into a meatier chorus. “Don’t wear me down/wear me out,” sings guitarist Jessica Boudreaux, formerly of Your Canvas, over a collection of vocal “ooooohs.” It’s a two-minute shot of garage rock, but given the weather, I don’t mind day-drinking.

No Makeup drops on New Moss Records on August 6.

SEE IT: Summer Cannibals play the PDX Pop Now! Compilation Release Party at Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave., with Sapient, Sean Flinn & the Royal We and Wishyunu, on Friday, June 14. 8 pm. $5 with digital download, $8 with CD. All ages.