Baruti Artharee, Mayor Charlie Hales' public safety advisor, yesterday sent a hand-written apology (PDF) to County Commissioner Loretta Smith after an event last Thursday at which Artharee acknowledges having made "inappropriate" comments about Smith's appearance.

Smith and other witnesses have also said Artharee moved his hips in a suggestive manner while making those comments. Artharee earlier told WW that he did not recall making any such gestures. 

Gail Shibley, Hales' chief of staff, delivered the apology, which was written on card stock with a mayoral seal on the front.

WW obtained a copy of that apology through a public records request.

Here's what it says:

Commissioner Smith:I am very sorry for any comments last Thursday evening. My intent was meant to be complimentary with humor. Clearly, I missed the mark. I am extremely sorry.I have only the utmost respect for you and your work as an elected official. I look forward to talking with you in the near future.
Regards,Baruti Artharee

County spokesman David Austin provided the following statement along with a copy of the apology:

Commissioner Smith will not comment further on the incident or Mr. Artharee. She is busy working on Multnomah County issues involving seniors, low-income people and other vulnerable populations. Any information about Artharee's behavior should be referred to Mayor Hales' office.