The Legislature coasted to a close today, after months of futile shadow-boxing over whether to add to early session cuts to the Public Employee Retirement System and to partially offset such cuts with a tax increase.

That ultimately did not happen, to Gov. John Kitzhaber's dismay.

The governor made his displeasure clear in a statement following the announcement of sine die, the Latin term for adjournment that lawmakers cherish.

Here's Kitzhaber's take:

“Legislators have done meaningful work this year, but we have one very important piece of unfinished business,” said Kitzhaber in a statement. “Combining PERS savings and new revenue will prime the pump for sustained reinvestment in education from early learning to college and career training.”The Governor continues to support a PERS and revenue package that ends teacher layoffs and lost school days, reduces tuition increases for state universities and community colleges, and follows through on his goal to reduce the unfunded liability in the public retirement system by a total of $5 billion – a 30 percent reduction.
Tina Kotek
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