In some ways, it's a pity that MMA fighter Chael Sonnen pulled the plug on his budding political career back in 2010 (he was running as Republican candidate for a House seat in West Linn when a looming federal indictment for mortgage shenanigans caused him to withdraw).

Sonnen has gone on to fight gamely for world championships and make perhaps an even bigger name for himself outside the octagon as a commentator and personality than inside it. His proclivity for shooting from the lip would have spiced up Capitol proceedings.

This week, the former University of Oregon All-American wrestler has generated controversy with his blunt admonition to another fighter who questioned why Sonnen continues to get high-profile bouts.

"Speak English, I don't speak ghetto!" Sonnen said to the fighter, Bill Smallman, in an interview highlighted on Deadspin.