It's not March, but Rigsketball is certainly madness. Now in its third year, the makeshift local-music basketball tournament, organized by the boozy punk army known as And And And and played at various locations around town on a hoop affixed to its tour van, is nearly as much of a Portland summer tradition as PDX Pop Nowthe Adult Soapbox Derby and complaining about the heat.

That's why, this year, we've decided to make a real game out of it, for you, the fan of ultra-amateur athletic competition. LocalCut is excited to announce RIGSKETBALL RIDICULOUSNESS 2013!

Before reading the details, you might want to press play on the video below, for maximum effect.


1) Download the NCAA tournament-style bracket here

2) Fill out your predictions by clicking on the corresponding lines for each round. (We know it looks a bit janky, but then, that's keeping with the spirit of Rigsketball itself.) Be sure to add your prediction for the championship game's final score. We'll use that as a potential tiebreaker. Games are best two out of three and played up to 21 points. Above the area on the PDF that says "SCORE," write your prediction for number of games, with the final score for the deciding game. Example: "2 games, 21-15." 

3) Save the file and email it to by 12 pm next Friday, July 19. Write RIGSKETBALL in the subject line, and include your name and contact info. Do not enter send more than one bracket. Also, if you are in a band participating in the tournament, you are ineligible to enter.

4) Winners will be determined via a scoring system a la March Madness. We will keep you abreast of the results here at as the rounds progress. The winners will be announced after the final game, which takes place at Holocene on Wednesday, July 24.


— First Place: A massive prize package featuring merchandise from all 32 bands participating in the tournament. We're talking records, tapes, CDs and digital downloads. We're talking T-shirts. We're talking stickers. We're talking at least one hand-made sloth mask. Seriously. 

Here's the full list of bands you'll be getting stuff from:

Typhoon, Aan, The We Shared Milk, And And And, TxE, Animal Eyes, Trick Sensei, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Mannequinhead, Ed and the Red Reds, Fanno Creek, Soul Ipsum, Hustle & Drone, Bevelers, Sort Ultra, Rio Grands, Mr. Tang, The Morals, Souvenir Driver, Thanks, Otis Heat, The Hague, Skip Roxy, Eidolons, Vultures in the Sky, Brownish Black, A Happy Death, Charts, Con Bro Chill, The Suicide Notes, The Ex-Girlfriends Club, DoublePlusGood.

—Second Place: A pair of tickets to an upcoming concert of your choice at either Holocene, Doug Fir or Mississippi Studios.

—Third Place: A schwag-bag of utter randomness, courtesy of Willamette Week.


ROUND ONE @ PDX POP NOW! (SE Water Ave & SE Taylor St.)
FRIDAY July 19TH: 5PM-8PM 
SUNDAY July 21ST: 4PM-8PM.

MONDAY JULY 22ND @ N Missouri & N Freemont




Need some help getting started on your bracket? We asked And And And drummer and Rigsketball organizer Bim Ditson for his expert first-round predictions:

Bevelers vs. Mannequinhead 

Winner: Mannequinhead. Probably the most entertaining band to watch play Rigsketball, duder has the bumper-dunk on lock.

Sorta Ultra vs. Soul Ipsum 

Winner: Sorta Ultra. This especially, is an educated guess.

Trick Sensei vs. Souvenir Driver 

Winner: Trick Sensei. Name sounds athletic.

Charts vs. DoublePlusGood 

Winner: Everybody. Charts always play in the tournament, Andrew always ends up bloodied and grinning.

And And And vs. Fanno Creek 

Winner: Fanno Creek. I am assuming that my band will lose.

Con Bro Chill vs. Ed & the Red Reds 

Winner: Con Bro Chill. Lead guy's chosen music instead of a professional lacrosse career. Rigsketball is not quite as ridiculous as lacrosse, should translate though.

Rio Grands vs. Otis Heat 

Winner: Otis Heat. And they'll be super nice while doing it.

Skip Roxy vs. Typhoon 

Winner: Typhoon. Pieter is really tall.

The Ex-Girlfriends Club vs. Hustle & Drone 

Winner: Hustle & Drone. With a name like that...

Wooden Indian Burial Ground vs. A Happy Death 

Winner: Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Toss up, maybe.

The We Shared Milk vs. Mister Tang 

Winner: The We Shared Milk. I've seen Boone hoop, and I've seen Eric sleep in some strange positions. They do have a cop in their band.

Animal Eyes vs. The Hague 

Winner: Animal Eyes. Practice, practice, hit that.

Brownish Black vs. Suicide Notes 

Winner: Brownish Black. Deep bench.

The Morals vs. Aan 

Winner: Aan. Bud "Iverson" Wilson.

Thanks vs. Eidolons 

Winner: Thanks. Underdogs? Maybe in the second round, maybe.

TxE vs. Vultures In The Sky 

Winner: TxE. Reigning world Rigsketball champs! It will get physical.

And with that, we say...GAME ON!