Daily newspapers have a lot to pull together every day, but it's well known that screw-ups in the comics, crossword, obituaries and anniversary announcements are bound to bring the most angry calls.

And Sunday's edition of The Oregonian—with a botched anniversaries announcement section— is particularly tough since it involves longtime columnist and editor Robert Landauer. Landauer was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1993 for his editorial writing.

"I didn't notice that it was in twice, but it's bizarre," Landauer says, saying it's the lower listing with the more recent photo is the correct one. "There's no photo of us standing at the altar because we were married 50 years ago in Hawaii, so it's gotta be the other. Bizarre."

The Landauer announcement is listed twice on Page L2, under two different pictures, and then listed again in another column. (Notice the twin photos under two names, then a different photo and a listing for Landauer once again below).

No correction or reprint was in this morning's Oregonian.