Shock! Awe! Chaos! Bedlam! Turmoil! Entropy! Tumult! Pandemonium! Bedlam! Did I say that one already? 

Whatever other synonyms you can think of that generally mean "Holy crap, I didn't see that coming" can be applied to this year's Rigsketball tournament.

Two key upsets have essentially blown up the brackets: First, party-rock goofballs Con Bro Chill, whose team featured an actual pro athlete in singer-keytarist and Major League Lacrosse player Connor Martin, were eliminated in the second round. Then, in the most shocking development of all, reigning Rigsketball champs TxE got bounced in the quarterfinals as well. 

I told you it was total ataxia around here! 

That sets the stage for tonight's final games. In the semi-finals, lounge-pop idols Rio Grands square off against post-chillwavers Soul Ipsum, while electro-pop ballers Hustle and Drone take on soul-rockers Thanks, who've got to be the new favorites after knocking off last year's winners. It all goes down tonight outside Holocene at 6 pm, followed by a free show inside the club featuring Woolen Men, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Minden (who are releasing an awesome new four-song EP) and more. 

A full list of Rigsketball results are available here. Meanwhile, here are the current rankings of Rigsketball Ridiculousness contest through three rounds. Check back tomorrow for the final results! 

1. Hannah Rosenau (50 points)2. Casey Frantum (48) 3. Chrissy Kelly-Pettit (40)4. Caitlin Peel (36)4. Jason Simms (36)5. Shanon Saunders (32)5. Benna Gottfried (32)6. Amanda Flowers (30)7. Akina Kashiwaya (28)8. Jesse Ditson (26)9. Cary Clarke (24)10. Don Malkemus (22)11. Chelsea George (20)11. Ryan Feigh (20)12. Jarrod Nixon (16)12. Aaron Colter (16)