Beaverton Grace Bible Church has posted video footage on its website of WW intern Sara Sneath filming their protests outside a Northwest Portland abortion clinic.

The group, as first reported by Sneath in WW, is under an informal investigation by the state Bureau of Labor and Industries for potentially violating the civil rights of patients.

Members of the church appear most Saturdays, holding signs and filming women entering into the clinic. The church then posts videos of their protests on the church website. Sneath's interview with O'Neal is under the title "Abortion Evangelism in the Press." (See WW's video here.)

The video shows Sneath's interview with pastor Chuck O'Neal. He tells her that his group is holding the signs so that cars can see them, not to intimidate women. He also shows her a picture of a fetus, which he claims would be viable outside the womb, which is where the interview gets good (at about the 6:50 mark).

Sneath asks him if he went to medical school, and how he gets his medical facts supporting the viability of a fetus.

"This is a basic fact," O'Neal answers. "That's a baby, with arms and legs and hands. That's a baby that's probably viable outside his mothers womb. And the head has been torn off. That's a basic fact of what abortion is."

"You believe that baby would live?" Sneath replies, adding its tough to find correct information on the Internet. "That's your medical opinion?"

"It's obvious truth," O'Neal says.

"My dog comes up to me and seems like he loves me," she says. "It seems very obvious that he loves me. But he's a dog."

At the end, however, the video proclaims that all's well that ended well.

"As you watched in the video," it says, "she was initially defensive and accusatory, but our conversation ended with a smile and a handshake."