Volunteers gathering signatures to legalize same-sex marriage in Oregon have gathered 37,211 signatures in 10 days, the campaign says.

Oregon Says I Do, the petition committee dedicated to qualifying the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative for the November 2014 ballot, launched its signature gathering drive on July 26. It had a goal of 10,000 signatures in 10 days; that goal was hit in just 72 hours, it says in a press release.

More than 1,700 volunteers collected the signatures across Oregon. The campaign must turn in 116,284 valid signatures by July 3, 2014.

"We're off to a fantastic start, and this success shows how much enthusiasm and momentum we have for the freedom to marry in Oregon," Jeana Frazzini, chief petitioner for the initiative and director of Basic Rights Oregon, in the release. "But these campaigns are tough, and we still have an enormous amount of work to do."

Volunteers who want to join the signature gathering effort can sign up to get a petition packet and a quick training at www.OregonSaysIDo.org. Oregon registered voters can also download, print, sign and return a single-signature "e-petition."