You know Band of Horses, don't you? If not, let one of our contributing music writers, Brandon Widder, tell you a bit about them:

[WILD HORSES] Expectations were high when producer Glyn Johns stepped in to helm Band of Horses’ latest effort, Mirage Rock. Why wouldn't they be? The man engineered the first Zeppelin album, for Christ’s sake. With Its flannel-clad naivety coming undone, the band’s last album shifted into the Southern-psychedelic expanses and soft-rock touchiness of its Sub Pop contemporaries, but Johns' undeniable touch gave Mirage Rock just as much a CSNY shine as ‘90s-alt-rock polish. Frontman Ben Bridwell’s tenor is honeyed as ever, his epiphany-laden lyrics in full Carolina swing, but the reverb-heavy guitars still owe just as much to Dinosaur Jr as the Stones.

If that doesn't convince you, perhaps we should also remind you of that time, a few years ago, when they closed out MusicfestNW at Pioneer Courthouse Square. It was fairly magical.

Wanna get a piece of that magic for yourself? We've got a pair of tickets to give away for the band's performance tomorrow night at the Crystal Ballroom. Send an email with BAND OF HORSES in the subject line to We will contact the winner when the contest closes tomorrow (Wed., 8/7) at 2 pm.

Gallop, don't trot, to this magnificent opportunity! Sorry, I'll stop now.