True West
Lincoln Hall, Portland State University, 1620 SW Park Ave., 725-3307. 8 pm Thursdays-Sundays through Aug. 18. $10-$15.
The Lower 48
The Lower 48 plays Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside St., with Tango Alpha Tango, Blue Skies for Black Hearts and DJ AM Gold, on Friday, Aug. 16. 8:30 pm. $8. 21+.
Brewer & Shipley
JEFF ROSENBERG. Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta St., 719-6055. 8 pm. $20 advance, $22 day of show. Under 21 permitted with legal guardian.

Saturday, August 17

PDX Adult Soapbox Derby 
[RACING] Now in its 17th year, just one year shy of the age of consent, the Adult Soapbox Derby will send 39 ebulliently home-designed, twoperson go-carts screaming down the slopes of Mount Tabor in a road race. Prizes are awarded not only for the race winner, but also for best crash and best helmet, among 14 other categories. Expect to learn who’s faster: vikings, robots or the drunken Chuck Norris twins. Mount Tabor Park, 10 am-4 pm. 7 am racer check-in. Free. 

Gary Kirkland
[COUNTRY/FOLK] Kansas City's Gary Kirkland is among the old guard of the mid-southern singer-songwriters—and a musical co-conspirator of Iris DeMent—mixing blues, country and folk with the occasional Jimmy Rodgers award-winning yodel. Landmark Saloon, 4847 SE Division St.

Anon & On On...
[COMEDY] Shakespeare-inspired improv from a capable cast that creates a full-length, fully unrehearsed production on the spot, incorporating Elizabethan language and even a sonnet or two. Brody Theater, 16 NW Broadway, 224- 2227. 7:30 pm Saturdays through Sept. 7. $10-$12.

FILMUSIK: Planet of Dinosaurs
[MOVIES] With a crack gang of voice actors and Foley artists, and a live score by jazz quintet Blue Cranes, Filmusik brings to life a lowbudget 1977 film about a spaceship that crash-lands on a planet ruled by stop-motion dinosaurs. It’s like Jurassic Park, just with astronauts onscreen and snuggling couples all around you. Sewallcrest Park, Southeast 32nd Avenue and Market Street, Dusk. Free.

Pure Harsh Noise Worship MMXIII: XOME, BTHN, Pedestrian Deposit, Worth, Pieces, Burrow Owl, Constrain, Sissisters, Wrong Hole, Regosphere

[MUSIC] Take the name of this annual event at its word: This is not music for the faint of heart or tender of ear. The folks performing at this year’s edition of Pure Harsh Noise Worship want to challenge your senses with an overload of volume and, in some cases, theatrics. Pay particular attention to the contact mic and bent-circuit attack of Sacramento artists Xome; Pieces, the collaboration that brings together the thunderous assault of Redneck and Kakerlak with the more subtle swirl of L.A.-based Oscillating Innards; and the angry, overheated radio static of Burrow Owl from Toronto. ROBERT HAM. Ash Street Saloon, 225 SW Ash St., 226-0430. 9 pm. $8. 21+. 

Recent Acquisitions: Modern and Contemporary Prints 
[ARTS] In Augen’s front gallery, George Johanson’s dreary monotypes make little impression. Gallerygoers who venture farther back in the space, however, will be rewarded with an astonishing collection of prints by world-renowned historical artists. Highlights are works on paper by two second-generation Abstract Expressionists, Joan Mitchell and Sam Francis. Both prints are small masterpieces of jubilant color and form,  superimposing organic shapes atop immaculate backgrounds. Mitchell’s and Francis’ work differed from firstgeneration Ab-Ex exemplars such as Jackson Pollock, in that their compositions exploited the figure/ground relationship rather than the “all-over-ness” of filled-to-the-gills picture planes. Mitchell and Francis were among the top talents of the Ab-Ex movement, and therefore of modern art itself. Through Aug. 31. Augen DeSoto, 716 NW Davis St., 224-8182.

Lord Dying, Howl, Sons of Huns
[METAL] No matter how speedy the eight tracks get on Lord Dying’s Relapse Records debut, Summon the Faithless, a river of black muck runs through their core. The slow, overdriven bassline that anchors “Water Under a Burning Bridge” and the Godzilla stomp of “Perverse Osmosis” are byproducts of the band’s many stoner- and sludgerock influences. But Summon rages as well. It comes out most boldly through singer-guitarist Erik Olson, who possesses one of the most earth-shaking baritones in modern metal, but it tears through everything the band does on record or onstage. Hell, rage is why these four got into the metal business in the first place. Having that outlet has kept all four playing heavy rock since their teens even when, in the case of Olson and guitarist Chris Evans, it meant being outcasts in their hometown of Salt Lake City. Now safely ensconced in Portland’s abundant metal community, Lord Dying has thrived, and with Summon the Faithless, its members have been anointed the city’s new kings of metal. ROBERT HAM. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., 288-3895. 9 pm. $10. 21+.

Sunday, August 18

The Mighty Mites Session Beer Fest
[DRINK] Taking place at the Hawthorne Street Fair in front of Bazi Bierbrasserie, Mighty Mites will be the only beer garden on the street, featuring sessionable beers with 5 percent ABV or below. The 12-deep selection of beers includes singlehopped IPAs from Burnside and Boneyard; wheaty, tart Berliner Weisses from 10 Barrel, Widmer Brothers and De Garde; and lager from Hop Valley. Beer cocktails, Salt & Straw ice cream and a hot-dog cart are on hand to keep the event family-friendly while mom and dad get willfully drunk on the myriad low-alcohol brews. Bazi Bierbrasserie, 1522 SE 32nd Ave., 234-8888. 11 am-7 pm. $10 includes a cup and four half-pour tickets. Additional tickets $2 each. All ages.

Dad Watson’s Festival of Americana: Shook Twins, Pete Krebs and his Portland Playboys
[MUSIC] So Bob Dylan, Wilco and My Morning Jacket ditched the Pacific Northwest on their AmericanaramA tour—a sincere “gosh dangit” moment—but who needs ’em anyway? DadFest pays tribute to Stumptown’s old-timey heritage with a laundry list of local folkies, games like corn hole and an onsite straight-shave barber to boot. Shook Twins headlines with its quirky, sisterly harmonies and equally eccentric instrumentation: ocarina, telephone microphone, etc. Pete Krebs and company will also be laying down their footstompin’ Western swing, while Wayward Vessel performs a set showcasing why the band placed second in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest. BRANDON WIDDER. Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside St., 225-0047. 6 pm. $10. All ages.