Here at WW world headquarters, the excitement over MusicfestNW is palpable.  So, too, is the sense of anticipation for TechFestNW, the little sister to MFNW that will start its second year on Friday, September 6 at OMSI.  While those interested in this gathering of tech stars and innovators can go to for the official rendering of this three day event, we thought it might be useful to provide a very unofficial, mostly hypothetical list of the ten best reasons to attend: 

1. The chance that Joe Stump of—the former lead architect of Digg and a man who may know how to scale better than anyone on the planet—may go off on a rant about developers in front of a room full of developers

2. Hearing your friend say, "You know, I always kinda liked Walmart,” after the presentation from James Keller at WalmartLabs

3. Becoming convinced that marketing whiz and mind-control genius Saul Colt, who thinks he is the smartest man in the world, is actually the smartest man in the world. 

4. Aerial drone wars! H2H! In the OMSI parking lot! You might as well check in with the flying machines now—we'll all be reporting to the things within the decade. 

5. The chance to buy Fast Company magazine founder Alan Webber a drink for living off all the hard work he and his colleagues did back in the rough-and-tumble Portland '70s… before the tech scene became a disco. 

6. The likelihood that the numerous booze-fueled parties will lead to more M&A's in one weekend than Portland has seen in the last five years. 

7. The possibility that Tyson Evans, the deputy editor for interactive news at the New York Times, will make Willy Week editor Mark Zusman look like a dinosaur—onstage, IRL. 

8. The probable sight of Dave Allen, a founding member of Gang of Four, tongue-lashing streaming music services during the Marmoset panel. 

9. Potentially listening to Breather's Alex Payne, who built the API for Twitter, explaining that the biggest challenge facing startups is not the lack of venture capital, but the abundance of it. 

10.  The 0-115% probability that Andy Merkin—who works for Guillermo Del Toro and will be speaking about the battle for control of digital storytelling—will suddenly break off his presentation to announce that Hellboy 3 is absolutely happening no matter what you've heard, and it will be filmed in Portland. Next week. And we're all hired. 

(Or not, as it goes. Reporting the future is difficult.)