Want to know if Mayor Charlie Hales is having a bad pore day?

Portland Community Media can make that happen: two of its six channels are now broadcasting on Comcast in high definition.

The channels, 323 and 330, are the first of the nonprofit's six to be switched over to HD, Executive Director Cece Hughley Noel tells WW.

Channel 330 is gavel-to-gavel coverage of Portland-area public meetings, and 323 is a community media station, she says.

Hughley Noel wasn't able to give the total cost of the switch, since it has happened gradually over several years before going live this summer, but she says it has been several million dollars. The money comes from a Comcast grant.

She says by the end of the decade, all six channels will be moved to HD.

"What it means is that the community is not marginalized to just showing iPhone videos on YouTube to tell their story," Hughley Noel says. "It tells community producers that your stories and your output are as valuable as anyone else producing for this medium."