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One Notable Difference in How Chief Sizer Handled the Chasse and Kaer Cases (Updated with Sizer No-Comment)


Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer has signed a letter of proposed discipline for the cops who arrested James Chasse Jr., despite a public disagreement with Police Commissioner Dan Saltzman over the punishment he recommended.

Officer Chris Humphreys and Sgt. Kyle Nice got letters on Wednesday proposing 80 hours of unpaid leave for their role in Chasse's 2006 death in police custody. Sizer's signature was on the letters, says Sgt. Scott Westerman, head of the police union.

That's notable because Sizer in September proposed punishing only Nice, with just 40 hours of unpaid leave.

And it's a stark difference from 2007, when Sizer split with then-Mayor Tom Potter over discipline for Lt. Jeff Kaer for his role in a 2006 shooting death. Sizer had proposed a suspension, but Potter made the final decision to fire Kaer.

Sizer at the time refused to sign the letter of discipline Potter sent to Kaer. Kaer was kicked off the force, until an arbitrator overturned the decision and returned Kaer's badge in 2008.

Sizer declined to comment because, she says, the discipline is a personnel matter and the case is the subject of a lawsuit.
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