Here's what we wrote about Octopus Project in this week's paper:

[8-BIT BOOGIE] In touring the country as a rock band, Austin’s Octupus Project may be on the wrong path. Its DayGlo synth textures and skittering drum patterns are certain to shake some booties in a darkened club, but the band’s true calling might be found in the circuitous background music of whatever Mario and co. are up to these days. Imagine a mini-boss throwing turtle shells your way during the climax of “Death Graduates” off this year’s Fever Forms, then imagine yourself basking in victory with “Whitby” blasting on your go-cart’s stereo. Or see it live under the influence of adult beverages. Choose your own adventure! PETE COTTELL.

Sounds exactly like the kind of band that should have it's own old-school View-Master, right? Well, as it turns out, they do! And we want to give you one, along with a pair of tickets to tonight's show at Mississippi Studios. Just shoot an email with "OCTOPUS PROJECT" in the subject header to by 4 pm today. The winner will be notified after the contest closes. Just one email, and both of the following can be yours: