A special session on PERS begins Sept. 30 and, as WW has reported, Gov. John Kitzhaber is pretty likely to try and get a deal on the Columbia River Crossing in as well.

Now activists from political action committee Bike Walk Vote are organizing a phone tree to try and stop it.

As first pointed out by BikePortland, the political group has launched "Operation CRC: Commotion & Ruckus Campaign."

They're turning their opposition into a game, promising "prizes" for those who do the most try and stop the $2.8 billion Oregon-backed project. The prizes, as listed on a Facebook event page, include keeping Oregon's AAA bond rating and more than $68 million in pre-allocated funds that could go elsewhere.

Here's the plan, according to the event information:

1. Spread the commotion.

Comment here to let us know you’re in. Then invite your friends. Points awarded for participation.

2. Raise a ruckus. Pick an action that’s easy, fun, or meaningful to you. 

* Write, fax, and call your legislators. Ask them not to support an “Oregon Only” CRC megaproject.

* Write a little letter to the editor of your neighborhood paper.

* Share your best and worst responses and juiciest stories. Leak state secrets, and craft your most cunning stratagems.

* Explain your opposition in a short article for BlueOregon, BikePortland, Willamette Week, etc and ask the editor to publish it.

* Whatever you decide, call five friends and ask them to do the same.

3. Let us know what you did! Again, participation = points.