Add Portland musician, Ram re-creator, and touring member of Menomena (among a grillion other bands), Dave Depper, to the expansive list of things that really get Bill O'Reilly's goat.

OK, so maybe Papa Bear has little idea what his web-monkeys are posting over at Still, it stands to reason that anything related to Lil' Beirut is going to stick in the old coot's craw—especially a cutesy cartoon promoting affordable healthcare, and especially one accompanied by a catchy indie-pop jingle. 

Last week, a 30-second commercial for online healthcare marketplace Cover Oregon, featuring a song written and performed by Depper, appeared on the Video Center section of O'Reilly's Website under the headline, "Dumbest ad ever?" 

"As part of a multi-million dollar effort to promote Obamacare," reads the description, "the State of Oregon paid big bucks to create this 60's-like TV ad."

"I feel that that if you've done something to piss off Bill O'Reilly, you must be doing something right," Depper says in an email. "The defunding farce of the past few weeks only confirms that the current GOP will end up firmly on the wrong side of history, and this O'Reilly nonsense has made me doubly proud of lending my energies to a cause that will bring real benefits to the people of Oregon."

Three days later, the site posted an ad from anti-Obamacare group Opt Out, depicting a grinning, big-headed Uncle Sam mascot standing over a woman while brandishing a speculum, writing that the spot has been "derided as 'creepy' and 'sick' by aficionados of health care reform." It could benefit from a whimsical melody, that's for sure.