Jessie Sponberg, the Portland activist who collected free chalupa vouchers after high-scoring Trail Blazer games to give to the homeless, says he "McQuits."

Sponberg says that he and others collected a total of 20,000 "chalupons" to hand out to homeless youth after home games where the Blazers scored more than 100 points. The team ended its association with Taco Bell last month, and announced Monday that fans would instead get free McDonald's sausage egg McMuffins.

Sponberg writes about his decision to quit in an editorial for We Out Here Magazine. Chalupas were bad enough, he writes, but at least they had some shredded lettuce and tomatoes. The bearer of a coupon also was entitled to "a clean, safe place to use the restroom, which is even rarer on the streets than the warm meal."

But a McMuffin, he writes, goes too far. "I wouldn't give a McMuffin to my worst enemy."

"I woke up Monday morning to find out the McBlazers sold out the McCity and signed a 5 year deal to giveaway McCrap. That's some effin McBullshit. I have now had a full day and a half to process my anger and bewilderment. Is there any company that could be further away from the terms 'healthy' or 'local'?"

He tells WW that he's been taking heat for his decision to give up the McGhost. But he says he doesn't have to be the one to do it.

"If anybody wants to they can borrow my signs and cross out chalupa and write McMuffin," Sponberg says. "They can do it."