The domino effect of Jeff Cogen's downfall keeps cascading.

State Rep. Jules Bailey (D-Portland) confirmed this morning he's running for the Multnomah County Commission seat of Deborah Kafoury, who's running to replace Cogen.

"Multnomah County is the hub at the center of the spokes and without it, the wheel doesn't turn," says Bailey on his campaign website, which features him interviewing citizens with remarkable haircuts.

It's also a significant salary hike: A Multnomah County board seat pays $95,316 a year—nearly five times Bailey's legislative salary of $21,936.

Bailey has said since the summer he'd run for Kafoury's seat if she resigned. She's stepping down tomorrow, pressured into launching her campaign by opponent Jim Francesconi.

Bailey, an economist known in Salem as an innovative thinker and sharp dresser, will remain in the legislature while running. He faces competition: Brian Wilson, a former executive at Kalberer Co., confirmed to WW last week he's also running.

Who will run for Bailey's job? WW looked at the likely candidates last month.