At the end of a week in which the Republic brand took a beating in public opinion polls—after a GOP-inspired shutdown cost the economy an estimated $24 billion—the Oregon Republican Party welcomes Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus to town for a Saturday fundraiser, called "the Big Fat Greek Dinner Dance."

The location of the shindig—inner Northeast Portland—is unusual. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than three to one in Multnomah County, and on the inner east side, Republicans are about as common as unicorns. 

And the Greek theme, while a reference to a popular 2002 movie and perhaps determined by the availability of the venue—the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church at Northeast 31st and Glisan—is tone-deaf, considering the protracted financial crisis that has gripped Greece for years, regularly rattling the world's financial markets.

It's safe to say that the sick man of Europe, with its bloated public sector and crushing debt load, is not the exemplar of GOP fiscal principles.

Still, for those who'd like to hear Preibus discuss this week's events and see him break some plates, tickets for the dance are $75.

Doors open at 5 p.m.