Stephen Malkmus is known for being a big sports fan, but one team the Portland-dwelling indie rock legend does not like is the Timbers.

The Pavement frontman effectively came out as a soccer fan in an interview earlier this month with ESPN's Grantland website (starting at about 40 minutes here), but listed his local MLS club among the things he doesn't like about the sport in the US.

"In America it's like, of course there's the soccer moms and, uh, Capri-Sun, and just family, kind of, wholesome soccer," he said. "We have here in Portland a team called the Timbers, which I don't support at all, but it's getting ..."

At that point, interviewer Michael Davies interjected, saying, "No, it's kind of a big deal," and the conversation did not return to the subject.

Malkmus, apparently back in town after moving to Berlin two years ago, conducted the interview while golfing on an unspecified course in Portland, pausing periodically to swing. He was noticeably less playful and earnest than he has a reputation for being in the press.

The indie rock legend said his team is English Premiership club Hull City, an enthusiasm he picked up from British friends. He revealed that "Tigers," the lead track of the 2011 Steve Malkmus & the Jicks album Mirror Traffic, is a tribute to the team from Kingston-upon-Hull.

When it comes to the sport in the United States, however, Malkmus said he has no interest. He's not even a fan of the U.S. national team.

"American football? I'm not a fan," he said, later adding. "I don't mind (US national team coach) Klinsmann. I mean I'm a fan of the German side, at least for the World Cup."

Any Timbers Army members interested in voicing their displeasure with Malkmus in person will have the opportunity on Nov. 8, when the Jicks perform at the Crystal Ballroom.

A local team Malkmus is a fan of? The Trail Blazers. He even live-blogged a game for Willamette Week a few years ago, and his report reads almost like a lost Pavement song.