Blazer fans: Got a coupon for a free McMuffin? Make sure you head for the golden arches soon—they expire just three days after the game.

The coupons are doled out to Blazer fans at home games where the team scores more than 100 points; a promo spot previously held by the Taco Bell chalupa.

The chalupa coupons remained valid for close to a year, meaning activists could collect unwanted vouchers and redistribute them to the homeless, who could then use them for free food—and perhaps even more critical—access to a bathroom.

Activist Jessie Sponberg, who collected Taco Bell coupons but "McQuit" when McDonald's stepped in as the sponsor, posted a photo of a McMuffin voucher to his Facebook wall last week, lamenting the short time frame made the new coupons impossible to share.

"It's been confirmed by multiple fans that the McMuffin coupons the Blazers gave out the other night expired three days after the game, therefore essentially preventing any large scale redistribution efforts," Sponberg writes. "Well played you greedy bastards, well played."

Update 4:56 pm: A Trail Blazers spokesman confirms that each McDonald's coupon will be marked for the game at which it's issued, and each will expire in three days. He says their potential for use by the homeless was not part of the decision for a shorter redemption time frame.