Hey everyone! It's Friday. Here are some new videos. What a novel concept, right?!

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, "Lariat"

As you may have heard, Stephen Malkmus—ex-Pavement frontman, fantasy sports enthusiast, newly re-minted Portlander and casual Timbers Army troller—and his Jicks have a new album dropping in January, under the wacky-ass name Wigout at Jagbags, and based on the lead single, the free-association is not limited to the title. The video—starring a woman who looks plucked from the casting line for the next Sofia Coppola movie—puts Malk's lyrics front and center, and even with the French translations you can tell he just threw a bunch of random word magnets onto a table and wrote from there. 

Wild Ones, "From Nothing"

Danielle Sullivan fears nothing! The latest video off Keep It Safe, the album the heavily-buzzing Portland electro-pop group released earlier this year to wide acclaim, doesn't feature a single member of the Miami Heat nor the Boston Celtics, but we still get to peer into Sullivan's eyes as she marches around the ghost town of Shaniko, Ore., while the rest of the city flees from some kind of menace we never see. (And I'm told there are, like, seven alternate endings floating around.) The single-take clip was lensed by Judah Switzer, whose credits include memorable videos for Yacht and Parenthetical Girls as well as a mini Watch The Throne tour doc.

Casey Neill & the Norway Rats, "All You Pretty Vandals"

Songwriter's songwriter Casey Neill has a new album out Tuesday. Willamette Week says "the barroom mythologizing wed to painstaking craft has never sounded so perfectly realized!" The video for the jaunty title track is basically a take on The Motorcycle Diaries, if Che Guevara had blindfolded his buddy and rode across the American countryside playing pranks on him the whole time.  

Dresses, "Blew My Mind"

There's a fair amount of contagious quirk flowing through Dresses' joyful indie-pop, and so it makes sense that the boy-girl duo of Jared Ryan Maldonado and Timothy "Yes, That Can Be a Girl's Name" Heller would make a video that'd end up being described as "equal parts Wes Anderson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet." The clip tells the story of a couple trying to salvage a hot-air balloon ride gone horribly wrong. It begins with Maldonado and Heller stuck in the roof of a cabin and just gets more charming from there.

Illmaculate vs. Bigg K

Finally, Portland's best battle rapper, Illmaculate—he won World Rap Championship titles in 2006 and 2007—is back saying terrible things about his fellow emcees. This time, the target is Virginia's Bigg K. If you've got a half-hour to spare—and c'mon, it's Friday, you totally do—watch the whole thing unfold. The Source says it might be the battle of the year. And then listen to this track the two recorded together (along with Sandpeople's Only One), proving there's no room for hard feelings in the world of competitive hip-hop.

OK, here's one more video, just because you asked. FIGHT THE POWER, Lake Oswegians!