It's been a funny couple of days for bicycle advocates.

On Thursday, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance had to adjust a media campaign after a dust-up with the Oregon Department of Transportation over what financial burden cyclists bear for road repairs.

The same day, WW reported that Portland-based company Alta Bike Share is in danger of losing a contract in Vancouver, B.C. because its Canadian bike-and-racks supplier is "imminently insolvent."

Looks like spokes people could use a place to vent. And now they have one: on the photo site Tumblr.

Oregon Walks president (and occasional WW contributor) Aaron Brown has launched a Tumblr feed satirically entitled "America's Best Bicycling City!"

So far, the page is a stream of photographs showing bicycle lanes blocked by gravel, parked trucks, and police stops.

Brown says he modeled the page on the car-shaming Washington, D.C. blog "Who's Blocking the L St. Bike Lane Today?" His goal is to point out how far Portland has to go to live up to its bike-utopia image.

"I'm still trying to figure out exactly how this blog could be something more than just having a laugh," he says.

He's taking submissions here.