Back in August, two of Portland's most indefatigable musical minds—quirky popster-turned-classical composer Alan Singley and madman drummer Papi Fimbres—performed a nine-piece "genre-fusing, avant-garde, future-funk symphony" at the Old Church as the Singley/Fimbres Orkestra. It seemed like a one-off excursion. Lucky for those of us who weren't there, the 40-minute performance was captured for posterity, and is now seeing its formal release as Looking on the Level.

The opening song, "Earthbound," sets the tone: analog synth farts are layered by horns and flute and remarkably controlled, halting beat from the typically frenetic Fimbres, building into a tight, David Axelrod-inspired funk-jazz groove. It's more retro-futurist than future-futurist, but the funki is undeniable.

The full album came out today, and if you're a member of Kevin Robinson's Woodlawn Studios Record Club, you've probably already received it. For everyone else, grab it via CDBaby.