You can't escape Drake, no matter how hard you try!

Around the time of the rap superstar's appearance at the Moda Center in early December, we ended up writing probably a tad too much about the dude. So we'll preface this by promising this is the last you'll see his name mentioned here on LocalCut for the rest of the year. (There are only, what, two weeks left? Think we can manage that.)

Anyway, this is worth mentioning: Wild Ones, the electro-pop group that was, arguably, Portland's breakout band of the year, covering one of the year's biggest singles, the Nothing Was the Same track "Hold On We're Going Home." It's a bit of a bold move—Pitchfork recently named it Song of the Year, after all—but in a lot of ways, the song, with its pillowy synths and swollen-hearted vocal, fits Wild Ones better than it does ol' Aubrey Graham. The band mostly plays it straight, adding only some lite-funk guitar riffing and singer Danielle Sullivan's natural twang, and really, it would sound right at home on their attention-grabbing debut, Keep It Safe (a few songs from which, BTW, received the remix treatment on the Keep It Safe Retouched EP, released earlier this month).

Wild Ones' close out their big 2013 on Dec. 31 at Mississippi Studios, with Ages and Ages and Surfer Blood.