City Commissioner Amanda Fritz rang in the new year by dropping some campaign debt from the old.

Fritz has forgiven $123,418 in loans she made to her own campaign last year. That's a holiday gift to the supporters she'd been asking to reimburse her self-funded election.

She had been accepting donations to recoup the money she spent on a hotly contested 2012 race for her City Council seat against former Rep. Mary Nolan.

Fritz says she's called off reimbursing her expenses from the 2012 race.

"We closed my campaign account and I am no longer accepting donations," Fritz tells WW. "I am asking anyone who contacts me asking to do so, to give to Senator Merkley instead."

Fritz raised $20,765 since the election—including donations of $250 each from City Council colleague Dan Saltzman and former mayoral candidate Eileen Brady.

She spent more than $375,000 of her own money to return to City Hall. She has told WW it was most of her life savings.

"Most people could not and would not do what I did," Fritz says. "Which was to go to my husband of 30 years and say, 'Do you mind if I sink our entire life savings in this campaign, because it means a lot to me?'"

Fritz has said she'll make reviving public campaign financing a priority of her final term in office.