It's about four years since we last heard from Carcrashlander, but that doesn't mean Cory Gray has just been sitting around in his basement playing Xbox. Quite the opposite: Just in the last year, dude toured with the Dandy Warhols and recorded with Shelley Short, while playing a one-off reunion gig with Norfolk and Western and producing records from numerous different acts.

In between all that, Gray found time to make A Plan to Tell the Future, his first Carcrashlander album since 2010's You Were Born in a Hospital EP. Actually, he literally recorded in between sessions for the other bands he was producing, at Scenic Burrows in Goose Hollow. How about we just let him tell you about, hmm?

"The studio, nestled next to the freeway, was below ground level but with floor to ceiling windows looking out into a little foliage perimeter frequented by homeless people, rats, and the occasional crack smoker. Next door was a high-rise apartment complex where you would often witness things such as multi-floor beer bongs, giant underwear drying on the line, and a naked korean guy lifting weights in the window. Studio breaks were spent either at a dive bar called The Commodore (rip) or at the underground egyptian-themed gem called Mummy’s."

Gray goes on to say the album was a free-flowing, largely unplanned exploration of sound inspired by the likes of Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Lee Hazelwood "and maybe even a little Nick Cave." The first single, "All My Light Begins to Dissipate," is a low-rumble of toms, synths and distant piano jarred by eruptions of guitar. Gray sounds tired, singing that he's got "better things to do than sleep," and with his schedule, it's no wonder. You can stream and download the full album at Carcrashlander's Bandcamp now, or buy the album on cassette or vinyl via Curly Cassettes and Jealous Butcher, respectively, on Jan. 13. The release show is that same night at Valentine's.