If you live in Portland, surely you're familiar with Unicycling Darth Vader Guy, the dude who, as that description suggests, unicycles around town in a Darth Vader mask, wearing a kilt and playing bagpipes. Even if you're don't live here, you've probably seen him on Buzzfeed or profiled on Boing Boing. He's essentially become the physical manifestation of Portland weirdness for the rest of the world. At this point, he's basically our city mascot.

Well, last night, he represented us on national television.

Last summer, the Unipiper—his legal name—made a short video of him doing doughnuts in the Dante's parking lot, playing the Star Wars theme while shooting flames from his bagpipes. Jimmy Kimmel invited him on his late-night talk show for a segment called "Can They Do It Live?" We won't spoil the outcome, we'll just say that two Storm Troopers in the audience seemed impressed—though they are a bit biased, admittedly.