Amid Portland's bioswales, bike lanes and bookshops, it's sometimes easy to forget we live in the Wild West.

Not so far away in Columbia County, there are reminders.

The South County Spotlight this week highlighted one of them—the severed cattle heads that Collen DeShazer, a Port of St. Helens Commissioner, displayed on her property. This week's story was a follow-up, responding to some community concerns about appearance, smell and animals chewing at the severed heads.

When the Spotlight, asked DeShazer about the heads, her response was blunt.

DeShazer told the Spotlight Jan. 21 the heads of her cattle were propped up to dry in order to be sold.

“Those are my cows. We legally butchered them,” she said. “We save the heads, we dry them out, we sell them.”

“If you don’t like it, don’t live in the [expletive] country next to a farm,” she said.