Proponents of the $2.8 billion Columbia River Crossing project have shown their hands.

Prior to the current 35-day legislative session, Gov. John Kitzhaber laid down conditions for his continued support for the project.

"Oregon must either decisively move the project to construction or refocus and reprioritize our resources. A project in limbo is the worst and most expensive outcome for Oregon, and continuing expenditures to sustain work without progress is a waste of money and resources," Kitzhaber wrote to legislative leaders on Jan. 27.


I have notified Governor Inslee, our federal and local partners, Oregon Transportation Commissioners and ODOT Director Garrett that without the appropriate action from the Oregon Legislature by March 9, 2014, and the appropriate action from the state of Washington by March 15, 2014, ODOT will close the project and begin archiving materials."

So the CRC is finished, right?
Washington lawmakers did not match Oregon's contribution