T-minus one week until Carl Wolfson returns to the radio dial.

The progressive morning host, whose political show was axed by Clear Channel managers in 2012, will debut March 19 on new rock-and-talk radio station KXRY 91.1 FM.

Wolfson, who currently airs an online radio broadcast, has put his show on a week's hiatus to move into the studio of the new station, known as XRAY.FM.

"Just can't escape those 90-hour work weeks," Wolfson tells WW. "The only time I've seen my partner Gary is at 11 pm when we check in. It's like Francis and Claire, but without the smoking or subterfuge."

Some Portlanders will need to keep tuning in online: WW has previously reported that the station's low-power signal won't penetrate thick walls in many neighborhoods.

Since the station began transmitting last week, says organizer Jefferson Smith, it has discovered that its signal is interrupted in downtown.

"What we've learned since emitting our test signal is that in the outer rings—particularly in the center of the city—there is a bunch of interference from a Christian station out of Kelso," Smith says. "There is some irony that in the less-churched Portland it is the Christian station whose signal is causing the interference."

XRAY.FM's official launch date is March 15. WW wrote about Smith's plan to link progressive talk and indie music last fall. In January, the station raised more than $100,000 in donations to fund its debut.