A Portland-based consultant who has questioned the high costs of the Pacific Northwest's only nuclear power plant is now engaged in a huge public records battle with its operator, Energy Northwest.

The Tri-City Herald
reports that the utility has estimated it could cost $1.5 million to $3 million to comply with McCullough Research's records request about its purchase of nuclear fuel from a financially-troubled nuclear fuel producer located in Kentucky.

Publicly-funded entities, such as Energy Northwest, are required by law to produce records upon request, but the cost of compliance is often a matter of negotiation between the entity that has the records and the person seeking access.

The Herald notes that the penalty for non-compliance can be high.

"Ignoring the request is not an option, the [Energy Northwest] executive board was told. The

University of Washington recently was fined about $700,000 for failing

to produce public records, said Energy Northwest attorney Robert Dutton," the paper wrote.

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Robert McCullough
Columbia Generating Station
Bonneville Power
Physicians for Social Responsibility
"I consider this a harassment move just to get in our way, and guess

who ends up paying," Sid Morrison, Energy Northwest executive board

chairman and former five-term Congressman told the Herald.