October 29th, 2009 5:33 pm | by HANK STERN News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Oregon Elephants + Car Wash = Angry PETA


The (Roseburg) News-Review has an interesting tale to tell this week.


PETA, no stranger to tackling high-profile targets campaigns nor to Oregon, is ticked at the Wildlife Safari's use of elephants to wash cars.

The Roseburg paper reports that PETA considers the apparently popular spring and summer attraction at the wildlife park as dangerous to humans and cruel to the elephants.

I've never been to Wildlife Safari and only rarely wash my car, so I have no freaking idea if PETA is right or if the park is when it claims that the attraction is both safe for people and that the elephants are treated humanely. But I do suspect some of you might have an opinion. Have at it.

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