Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) reported a $25,000 check today in his race to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination. That check, from Sherman Olsrud, a Medford grocer, is a relatively rare bright spot for a candidate who has struggled to raise money, despite the Cover Oregon debacle and other challenges afflicting his likely general election opponent, incumbent Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat.

So far this year, Kitzhaber has raised $540,000 and has $528,000 on hand. Richardson has raised just $119,000 this year and has $105,000 on hand.

Richardson did miss out on more than a month of fundraising because House rules prevented him from raising money during the legislative session that ran from early February through early March. But Republicans typically enjoy an advantage in Oregon gubernatorial races.

Even though each of them lost, the last three GOP gubernatorial candidates, Chris Dudley, Ron Saxton and Kevin Mannix, raised more than their Democratic opponents, Kitzhaber for Dudley, and former Gov. Ted Kulongoski for both Saxton and Mannix.