If Christian Kane's tweets about his haircut hadn't provided enough evidence, TNT confirmed today that new series The Librarians is shooting in Portland. The network has ordered 10 episodes of the show, which is a follow-up to the TV movie franchise The Librarian

Dean Devlin, familiar in local film circles for having filmed Leverage in Portland, will executive produce along with star Noah Wyle. (Devlin has also been tweeting from Portland.) As in the TV movies, Wyle will play the head honcho of a mysterious cadre of librarians responsible for safeguarding mystical artifacts and generally protecting the world from supernatural threats. 

They're supposed to be based at the Metropolitan Library in New York, but here's hoping Portland's Central Library will get some cameos—there could be some sweet chase scenes up and down the staircases of that century-old building. (For years, Portland played Boston in Leverage. All the city had to do was act drunk and educated. Now we'll have to play brusque and fashionable.)

Kane, having shorn his long mane from Leverage, will play a preternaturally brilliant Oklahoma oil worker/art-history savant. Rebecca Romijn will also star. The series is set to air late this year.

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