There are no new ideas. We wrote as much when we adapted New York magazine’s annual Reasons to Love New York Right Now issue for Portland back in February.

And so we’re so happy to see that Portland Monthly’s current issue is a list of reasons to love Portland—much like our recent list of reasons to love Portland. Their list includes such awesome things as the existence of the decade-old Naked Bike Ride and ye olde Potato Champion food cart that's been on Hawthorne since shortly after Dr. J.C. Hawthorne gave the boulevard its name.

This is not to be confused with Portland Monthly’s inaugural first Beer Issue in three years, from July 2013, which followed our brand-new and very successful Beer Guide from February of 2013.

Or WW’s now 15-year-running Cheap Eats issue, which we hope was something of an inspiration for PoMo’s "$18 Hamburgers + $16 burritos" Cheap Eats edition from March of 2013.

Or the cover of PoMo’s first ever "Bar" Issue in seven years, which is basically the cover of our 2013 Bar Guide put through the invert colors filter on Photoshop. (The content itself is very different—their "bars" are restaurants that serve cocktails.)

And, hey, we’re not judging. We steal ideas all the time!

We do, however, try to steal them from other cities.

No biggie, though.

Anyway, you can buy the new Portland Monthly at area supermarkets for only $4.99. Or you can pick up a free copy of Willamette Week at one of several hundred blue boxes around town.

We promise you this: You’ll be at least a month ahead of the latest trends as identified by the Monthly.

We thought about contacting some of the people we know there to complain. Like, for example, former WW employees including executive editor Zach Dundas, senior editor Kelly Clarke, food editor Karen Brooks (OK, it’s been like 30 years), copy editor Margaret Seiler (sorry about the chocolate thing), arts editor Aaron Scott (OK, just an intern), contributing editor Jonathan Frochtghghzwajg (sp?), ad sales people Carrie Hinton, Sara Backus, Greta Hogenstad or marketing director Jess Sword.

But then we thought, eh, that would just be chippy. We're above that. We will not make a big deal about this.

But, hey, can we, perchance, buy you guys a subscription to Texas Monthly or Cleveland Magazine or something? They have ideas worth borrowing, too.

On an unrelated note, look for our first annual "Doctors Who Bought Ads from Us" issue on newsstands tomorrow.

Note: The post above has been corrected to reflect the fact that Portland Monthly published bar and beer issues several years ago before taking a break. WW regrets the error and thanks PoMo editor Zach Dundas for pointing that out.