Rep. Shemia Fagan (D-East Portland) keeps finding money to help people walk safely at the eastern edge of the city.

Fagan and Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson (D-East Portland) announced this morning they have secured $1.9 million in state funding to install flashing beacons at 18 crosswalks. They urged Portland City Council to contribute its own funding.

"We continue to witness tragedy after tragedy on our streets. Every candlelight vigil I've attended has increased the urgency to invest in safety now," Fagan said in a statement. "As leaders, I believe we are called, not only to comfort the families who mourn, but to take real action to prevent these tragedies in the first place."

City Commissioner Steve Novick has asked the City Council to spend $1 million in general-fund money in this year's city budget to erect flashing beacons at crosswalks.

This isn't the first time Fagan has found money for long-delayed pedestrian projects in East Portland.

Last summer, Fagan not only secured $3.6 million in state money to design sidewalks and crosswalks on 136th Avenue—where 5-year-old Morgan Maynard-Cook was killed by a car in February—she also landed $4.9 million to design sidewalks, crosswalks and lane widening on Southeast Powell Boulevard to the Gresham border.

UPDATE, 12:30 pm: Fagan and Vega Pederson have released the intersections where they plan to install the flashing beacons. 

SE Foster Rd. & 120th Ave.

NE Halsey St. & 106th Ave.

NE Weidler St. & 106th Ave.

NE 122nd Ave. & Oregon St.

122nd Ave. & NE Stephens St.

NE Glisan St. & 141st St.

SE Powell Blvd. & 168th Ave.

NE Glisan St. & 117th Ave.

SE Stark St. & 113th Ave.

NE Halsey St. & 136th Pl.

SE Division St. & 105th Ave.

122nd Ave. & NE Stanton St.

SE 122nd Ave. & Boise St.

SE Division St. & 165th Ave.

SE Stark St. & 142nd Ave.

NE Halsey St. & NE 140th Ave.

SE Stark St. & 151st Ave.

NE Glisan St. & 130th Pl.