The group Oregon GMO Right to Know announced today it would begin gathering the 87,213 signatures it needs by July 3 in order to qualify for the November ballot. 

The group hopes to succeed where similar efforts in California and Washington failed. In both of those states, groups calling for the labeling of genetically modified foods lost by about two percentage points in 2012 and 2013, respectively. 

In Washington last year, proponents of GMO foods, led by Monsanto, spent $33 million to defeat labeling and the proponents of labeling spent $8 million.

Last week, Mercola Health Resources, an Illinois alternative medical clinic, gave Oregon GMO Right to Know $350,000, which will pay for a lot of signatures.

Mercola is no stranger to Oregon political battles, having contributed $27,000 to Clean Water Portland, the group that defeated a proposal to fluoridate Portland's water last year. 

As WW reported last spring, Dr. Joseph Mercola has questioned whether HIV causes AIDS, suggests that many cancers are caused by yeast infections, and warns parents not to vaccinate their children.

The GMO labeling committee has now raised $826,000 and has $621,000 on hand.