Phantogram's Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter transcend musical realms with beautifully interwoven instrumentals and progressive beats. The duo's composed and striking presence onstage parallels their clean, intentional tracks. 

Charming the stage, Barthel parades around donning tight pants and an a-line bob, frequently masking her eyes and enhancing the band's mystique. Their fresh, modern style is based in hip-hop beats and amplified by premeditated new-wave electronic sounds. Barthel's light, glowing vocals brings the dark daze of their music into a dreamier landscape. 

The pair came out of Greenwich, New York. Friends since junior high, they went on to establish a name for themselves in Saratoga Springs under the name Charlie Everywhere. They changed their name to Phantogram, inspired by the optical illusion described as a two-dimensional image that looks to be three-dimensional. 

Their 2010 debut full-length album Eyelid Movies barely made the U.S. charts, but enough to get the attention of artists like the Flaming Lips and Outkast's Big Boi. After several EPs in the meantime, their second studio album, Voices, was released in February 2014. Their flashy, demanding magnetism on stage is something you can't miss.

Join us to welcome them on the Waterfront for MusicfestNW this summer on Saturday, August 16th!