The PDX Pop Now lineup is here! 

As usual, the annual all-ages, all-local, all-free Portland music festival presents a kind of wide-angle view of the city's music scene as it exists right at this moment. No huge, nationally recognizable names—the biggest are Wampire, Blouse and Portland Cello Project—but then, that's never been what PPN's about, anyway. It's about the band's you've probably never heard of. Like excellent post-punks Lunch, synth-popsmiths Fringe Class and progged-out cosmonauts Cambrian Explosion. It's an impressively diverse bill, from the heavy (Zirakzigil, Usnea) to hip-hop (Illmaculate, the Resistance, Tre Redeau, Stewart Villain), the electronic (Philip Grass, Etbonz) to the jazzy (Barra Brown Quintet) to the worldly (Tezeta Band, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical).

PDX Pop Now is July 18-20 at Audio Cinema. See the poster below for the full lineup.