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Kara Swisher—Chronicler of Silicon Valley—To Speak at TechfestNW

Kara SwisherKara Swisher

Silicon Valley's most feared journalist is also its most well liked. How does that work?

It's the question posed by New York magazine this month, in a fascinating profile of Kara Swisher, one of the dominant power brokers of tech reporting.

Says New York mag:

The combination of access and toughness has made Swisher a preeminent arbiter of status in a Silicon Valley where constant turmoil is taken as a sign of innovation and vitality. She isn’t exactly Bob Woodward . . .(but) she might be the Valley’s Walter Lippmann, who occupied a nexus of journalist, counselor, and kingmaker in a mid-century D.C.

Swisher, who started recode.net this year after leaving the Wall Street Journal, will be speaking at TechfestNW on Friday, August 15. Her talk is titled "The Day The Internet Becomes Invisible: the Next Age in Computing Will Be All About Feelings, Not Technology."
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