Here's a tidbit to chill the heart of any Trail Blazers fan, and cheer the Portland ad industry: When Kobe Bryant wants business advice, he calls Oregon.

Specifically, the Los Angeles Lakers star says he calls Dan Wieden, the co-founder of agency Wieden + Kennedy and the dean of West Coast advertising.

Bryant was interviewed yesterday by Bloomberg Television about his plans after basketball. He told the interviewer that he regularly "cold calls" business leaders to get advice about Kobe, Inc. (which is essentially a sports venture-capital firm).

Two of the first three names Bryant mentioned are in Oregon: Nike CEO Mark Parker, whose memorable office is in Beaverton, and Wieden. (He also listed Apple's Jony Ive, Oprah Winfrey, and Hillary Swank.)

Wieden famously coined the marketing slogan "Just Do It" for Nike. As WW reported in 2009, he remains a strong presence in the Pearl District headquarters of Wieden + Kennedy.