UPDATE 5:10 pm:
Sarah X. Dylan of the Rick Emerson Show on KUFO just confirmed via text that the RES crew was "let go."
has not made an official comment,
If any group of radio lovers can make themselves heard—it's them.
UPDATE 5:45 pm:
the entire Rick Emerson Crew—Rick Emerson, Sarah X. Dylan, Tim Riley and Greg Nibler—as well as Cort & Fatboy have been let go.
Seattle radio personality
"What I can tell you is that the station is a rock station and will continue to be a rock station,"
Larry Wilson
UPDATE 8 pm: Rick Emerson
The Rick Emerson Show
There will be lots to say and much to address in the coming days. For now, we will simply note that it has been, as always, our pleasure to serve and entertain you.... I will also make this brief request: despite your initial inclinations or inborn desire to rattle The Man's cage (a desire I share, by the way), please forgo the gathering of coffee cups, the mailing of human skulls, or the ritual animal sacrifice that you may have planned for the KUFO parking lot. There's lots of folks whose jobs have been eliminated, and many, many families whose daily financial struggles are much more difficult than mine. Trust me---no one (especially no one associated with the show) has anything but the deepest recognition of, and respect for, your loyalty. That, my friends, is never in question.

Instead, we'll pause, take a moment, regroup, and move ahead, as we have always done. We couldn't have gotten this far without you, and we wouldn't dream of leaving you behind. You are, and remain, our friends, colleagues, supporters, critics, and companions. You are the best.


Cort & Fatboy (aka Bobby Roberts) were fired earlier this afternoon.
KUFO programming director Chris Patyk was being replaced by a San Diego "Afternoon Drive personality" called Ditch.
Officially unemployed. Goodbye KUF-O (sung to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)."
explaining that they were heading to a meeting where they guessed they were about to be fired.
Also, the pair will continue their popular Midnight Movies series at the Bagdad Theater.
Raising Arizona
I'll update the post with more info on what KUFO plans to replace Cort & Fatboy with once I get a call back from the station.